InfoTech Components

Mega Electronics Inc.

Power Supplies – Medical, Wall Mount, Desk Top, DIN rail and Open Frame from 5W to 960W
Power Cords - Power Cords with all the necessary International plug configurations as well as Detachable Power Cords
DC/DC & AC/DC Converters - DC/DC converters and switching Regulators designed for commercial and industrial applications from 0.25W to 200W
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Soler & Palau Inc.

Fans and Blowers - EMC Brand, AC and DC Models, EC/AC Models
Forward and Backward Curved Motorized Impellers
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Thermo Heating Elements LLC

Flexible heating elements. Core technology is Polymer Thick Film heating elements on polyester substrates.
Other heating elements are available on a variety of substrates including
Conductive Kapton, Kapton Etch & Silicone Rubber
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