Power & HVACR Components

Fenwal Controls, Kidde-Fenwal Inc.

Gas Ignition Systems
HSI and DSI and Electrode Assemblies Visit Website

Hartland Controls LLC

Definite Purpose Contactors
Transformers – Quick Connect & Leaded Models
General Purpose Switching Relays
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Mega Electronics Inc.

Power Supplies – Medical, Wall Mount, Desk Top, DIN rail and Open Frame from 5W to 960W
Power Cords - Power Cords with all the necessary International plug configurations as well as Detachable Power Cords
DC/DC & AC/DC Converters - DC/DC converters and switching Regulators designed for commercial and industrial applications from 0.25W to 200W
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Portage Electric Products Inc.

Thermal controls - Snap action, Creep action, Valstat, Self-Hold, Customized to application
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Robertshaw Controls Company

Manufacture of HVACR and appliance controls
Burners & Manifolds - Atmospheric & Premix. Custom Gas Supply Tubing and Manifolds.
Controls –Temperature, Defrost, Gas Valve, Infinite Switches, Pilots, Thermocouples
Water – Valve Controls and Level Sensors
Electronic – Custom Control Boards and Controllers, Timers Visit Website

Thermo Heating Elements LLC

Flexible heating elements. Core technologies include Polymer Thick Film, Silicone Rubber, Mica, Ultraflex Embroidery, Kapton and Tubular heating elements. Thermo specializes in highly customized solutions for challenging applications and environments for OEMs. Markets include Food Service Equipment, Medical, Transportation, Automotive, Electric Vehicle, Light Rail, Consumer Products and Industrial
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