Thermal Sensing & Control Components

Coorstek Inc.

Hot surface - Silicone Carbide & Silicone Nitride igniters
Crystar, mini Visit Website

Custom Coils Inc.

Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Heat Exchangers, DX coils, Water coils and Condenser coils.
Value added componentry available includes Thermal Expansion Valves (TXV), Manifolds, Distributor, Service Ports, Defrost control & Sensors, Sight Glass, and completed Fan assembly. Visit Website

Dormont Manufacturing Co.

The world's leading provider of flexible stainless steel connectors for Commercial Foodservice, Residential and OEM
Dormont’s OEM Design Solutions Team can develop custom solutions to your specifications
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Merkle-Korff Industries - Nidec Motors

Merkle-Korff provides an industry leading BLDC, PMDC, PSC, and AC gearmotor and motor solutions for applications in the commercial food equipment, consumer appliance, vending, pellet stove, pump, medical and other various markets.
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Robertshaw Controls Company

Manufacture of HVACR and appliance controls
Burners & Manifolds - Atmospheric & Premix. Custom Gas Supply Tubing and Manifolds.
Controls –Temperature, Defrost, Gas Valve, Infinite Switches, Pilots, Thermocouples
Water – Valve Controls and Level Sensors
Electronic – Custom Control Boards and Controllers, Timers Visit Website

Therm-O-Disc Inc (Subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co.)

Snap Action bi-metal, Precision and Commercial controls, Thermal cut-offs Switches, NTC packaged thermistor sensors, Thermal economical probes
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