Headquarters: Golden, Colorado
Top Components: hot surface igniterssilicone carbide and silicone nitride igniters

KB Electronics

KB Electronics

Headquarters: Coral Springs, Florida
Top Components: AC variable triac speed controls and AC inverters

Mega Electronics

Mega Electronics

Headquarters: New Brunswick, New Jersey
Top Components: power supply and power cords products

Nanfeng Motor

Motor-Tech (Nanfeng Motor)

Headquarters: Hong Kong and Guangdong, China
Top Components: BLDC/ECM programmable, 5-speed and PSC motors


Portage Electric Products, Inc. (PEPI)

Headquarters: North Canton, Ohio
Top Components: thermal controls


Headquarters: Carpentersville, Illinois
Top Components: blowers: axial, centrifugal and tangential air movement systems

Sierra Pacific EP Logo

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products

Headquarters: Long Beach, California
Top Components: custom and OEM industrial hardware; latches, hinges, handles, hasps, cam locks and pulls


Soler & Palau

Headquarters: Jacksonville, Florida
Top Components: forward and backward curved motorized impellers; AC models and ECM brushless BMAX and DC models, and scroll fans

Wayne Combustion Logo

Wayne Combustion Systems

Headquarters: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Top Components: powered custom gas burner and oil burner solutions for industrial, commercial, and residential use