In a special report to Canadian Business (2018) the single largest sector represented in Growth 500 companies in Canada was manufacturing.

Across Canada’s provinces, from British Columbia to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, manufacturing in a variety of industries is seeing between 363%-1,635% average 5-year growth.1 Specifically, 705% average growth in Ontario alone.1

What’s exciting is that Canada is moving away from a manufacturing industry predominantly invested in raw materials such as wood and ore to an industry that is heavily focused in technology, innovation and niche market products.

This gradual shift shows Canadian manufacturers are embracing the opportunities to be global market players by innovating and becoming more efficient. Manufacturing in Canada is now a cornerstone of our economy accounting for $174 billion of our annual GDP (more than 10% of our total GDP) and $354 billion in annual exports or 68% of all Canadian merchandise exports.2

These trends are supported by the Canadian government partnering with the private sector to strengthen the innovation economy in Canada.  The collaborative $1 billion dollar initiative to build five superclusters from coast to coast demonstrates commitment to innovation in various manufacturing industries where Canada has shown promise and global leadership.3

Visually identify where the Superclusters are located in Canada.


Ontario, for example, is home to the NextGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster.  The GDP impact of this initiative, alone, is expected to be over $13.5 Billion in the next ten years.  This supercluster, which is in the corridor between Waterloo and Toronto, is second only to Silicon Valley in the world.  The aim of the NextGen Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster is to make “Made in Canada” synonymous with “innovative and value added.”2

Finally, doing business where there is growth and a manufacturing industry that is supported by government and the private sector makes good business sense.  By partnering with a Canadian company, you are investing in a manufacturing growth economy that has continued to perform in the global market despite pressures to shift manufacturing overseas.  Manufactures partnering with Canada are leaders in quality, reliability, service excellence and global efficiency, sustainability and most importantly innovation. 

1- Canadian Business/special report to The Globe and Mail 2018:


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